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Property Management

Maintaining your property before problems occur protects your investment in the log run, and means your tenants will be happy living in a well maintained rental.

What is the appearance of the exterior of your property? The interior?

Are there any repairs or maintenance that need to e completed?

Do you regularly interact with your tenants and visually inspect your property?

Have you ever considered renting out your second home as a vacation rental? Are you aware of the benefits and drawbacks?

The Certified Property Managers at Davenport Realty, Inc can help you answer these questions. Complete Management of your property from move in to move out, working with qualified property managers at Davenport Realty, Inc will help ensure your ownership is a positive, financially and emotionally satisfying experience. As management professionals we are able to:

  • Provide a wide range of Management Services from complete care to rent collection
  • Ensure Frequent, Regular Asset Interactions
  • Guarantee quality timely professional repairs and maintenance
  • Manage Single Family and Multi family properties