How you decide to protect your asset and who provides that service can determine how well that asset is managed and how quickly it is sold

Are you looking for additional local RE Brokers to handle assets?

Are you looking for a Broker who can  manage your occupied and unoccupied REO properties? 

Do you need Broker who can strategically market and quickly sell your REO asset?

Davenport Realty, Inc REO system has been uniquely crafted to provide results that are unmatched by lesser agents and brokers. It gets your homes on the market quickly, identifies the most likely buyers and presents the home in the most strategic manner to attract buyers and to purchase at the price we command. My cutting edge marketing and sales technique that make up my system will allow you to demonstrate real value to your clients that you can sell their home faster.

  • Regular Inspections and Responsible Communication
  • Value added through Accurate & Honest Professional Service
  • Tasks Completed before Due Dates
  • Flexible to meet your Specific Needs

We can be contacted through the Equator, IServe, Procure One, Keystone, Single Source and 24Asset Management portals. Otherwise, contact us directly or send us an email and we will respond.